What Does Your Resume Say?

Just curious, what do you think your resume is saying to recruiters? The average candidate thinks their resume is AMAZING; it’s hard to explain to most a few changes that will freshen up their resume.

Standing in a meeting of recruiters discussing the best resumes received and the worst tossed in the trash at that moment, I wish a tape recorder was available; maybe for once, candidates will learn your resume promotes YOU!

Often I disguise myself as a potential candidate for hundreds of positions submitting my resume, interviewing, and testing my strategies and techniques. Seriously, how can I advise anyone without trials and errors?  A resume should sell you to employers before they have the opportunity to shake your hand; your resume should be the most exciting introduction they have read. Most employers call me intrigued that a candidate with my employment skills applied, GOOD! What that means is I can negotiate my salary in this interview. Candidates with a fishy boring resume are just like the rest of the candidates swimming in the pond hoping for an interview.

If you set your resume apart from others, it will do all the work for you. Here are some tips to freshen up your resume.

Hypnotize Them with Words. Are they looking for an Experienced Customer Service Representative? That is just what the header of your resume should indicate. Do they require you have data entry and accounts receivables experience? Use your resume summary to highlight the number of years’ experience. Force the recruiter to think you are a solution for their needs.

Education Means Money. Every employer likes to hire candidates with training; however, outdated knowledge is a problem. I know plenty of people that graduated from college in 1995 seeking employment in 2019 “some career transition.” Out with the old and in with the new fresh workers with modern education and ideas. While you were comfortable at your job of 20+ years, your employers were figuring a way to retire you. Consider taking a few online certification courses in social media marketing, accounting, update your Microsoft skills, become an expert in something current. Be sure to add all certifications to the education section of your resume.

Fancy Pants. An excellent resume does not contain pictures. Boxes. Shapes. Stars or whatever arts you fancy – please resist the urge to play this design game. How about you stick to excellent content writing; I promise recruiters don’t wish for a pretty resume to appear in their email inbox. However, I do want the right candidate to hire. Most resumes are written in a Chronological format which is for entry-level candidates or candidates with different job titles. Using a functional format to bait recruiters to call you for an interview. I use a Functional format resume for most of my clients; it’s an upfront way to “say hello hire me”. All the important work experience is highlighted.

Good Luck!  

CJ Eason is The Job Doctor. She is a recruiter, resume repair expert and director of community outreach for JobFairGiant.com. Email jobdoctor@jobfairgiant.com.

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