Employees should continue educational experience

During the employment crisis, thousands of people with outdated education were puzzled when they could not find employment due to lack of current education or experience. It is a fact that after receiving a degree college advisors forget to mention the importance of continuing education courses.

You will find that many community colleges and universities offer short-term certificate programs to boost your knowledge in your career field. I suggest professionals seeking new career opportunities in today’s competitive job market take college course in their career field to remain current. Here are some short-term certificate programs for professionals and people looking to start a new career.

General Accounting Certificate

General Accounting Certificate offered at Oakland Community College is intended for individuals who desire entry-level employment within the field of general accounting. Visit www.oaklandcc.edu

Collision Auto Repair Certificate

The Collision Auto Repair certificate programs offered at Oakland Community College prepare students to meet the technical skills competency standards required for employment, as identified by the National Automotive Technical Education Foundation (NATEF).

Computer Support Certificate

This program provides the student with a broad set of skills to install, administer, and support the computer infrastructure in the business environment. In addition to specialized skills in systems support, the certificate gives the student a solid foundation in computer-based systems concepts.

Concrete Construction Management Certificate

This certificate program is designed to qualify students for occupations and careers in concrete construction management, concrete estimation, concrete scheduling, quality control, assistant concrete inspector, application techniques, and many other related skilled and semi-skilled positions.

Certified Financial Planner Certificate

This quality program presents the techniques and knowledge necessary to formulate and execute comprehensive financial plans that will assist clients in accumulating, conserving, and transferring personal wealth.

Project Management Certificate

This program is designed for experienced professionals as well as those preparing for the working world. It provides broad coverage of project management principles and best practices to help participants become leading edge project managers.

For more information on these certificate programs, visit www.oaklandcc.edu.

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CJ Eason is The Job Doctor. She is a recruiter, resume repair expert and director of community outreach for JobFairGiant.com. Email jobdoctor@jobfairgiant.com.

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