Best recruiting tips for Michigan employers

The rapid growth of Michigan’s employment economy is impressive if you remember the number of layoffs, buyouts and downsizing that plagued hundreds of companies from Ann Arbor to Benton Harbor, and Detroit to Roseville a few years ago. In June of 2015, the state reported more than 4 million Michiganders are registered on the payroll of statewide businesses.

Now that production lines are moving, transports are importing and exporting, and businesses are in competition for the top spot in their industry, many companies are in a scavenger hunt to find new employees. Last year hundreds of job seekers with aggressive intentions to get hired fast descended on the email inboxes of hiring managers. In the last six months recruiters have struggled to meet employment growth demands.

It does not matter what street you are driving down in Southeast Michigan, Northline Road in Taylor, Eight Mile Road in Warren, Middlebelt Road in Livonia or Highland Road in Waterford, companies have “Now Hiring” signs at street view hopeful to attract new employees. Employers desperate to attract the best candidates are use signing bonuses and paid training to bait job seekers.

“Where are the job seekers?” “Can you help us hire people fast?” These have become regular questions that hiring managers ask the staff at JobFairGiant.com. Our reputation for the last ten years has been to connect employers with candidates we are the mecca of flashy marketing and expensive giveaways designed to lure candidates to our monthly job fair events.

JobFairGiant.com would like to help hiring companies open the door to potential applicants. Here are a few tips to increase resume flow.

• Host a party. Invite potential applicants to attend a hiring party at your company headquarters. Offer a facility tour, have presentation forums to discuss job opportunities and gather resumes. Popular business networking sites like LinkedIn encourage HR professionals to emerge from their private office cubicle and directly communicate with applicants. The best way to generate word-of-mouth buzz is invite people to an informative party.

• Where the rubber meets the road. Encourage your hiring department to go where the applicants are. Job fair events are a great way to build company awareness. In many cases, recruiters will meet, interview and offer job fair participants a position the same day. JobFairGiant.com hosts Metro Detroit job fair events geared to connect experienced professionals, military veterans, college graduates, blue-collar workers and entry-level candidates with hiring companies representing a variety of career fields.

• Tweet about your jobs. Twitter is the hub for chatting about any topic especially job openings. Don’t stop the conversation after posting available positions — launch a twitter conversation, include universities in your conversation, hashtag radio stations, ask followers to retweet your post.

• Host a video contest. Are you looking for an experienced accountant or fifty call center representatives? Use the power of marketing to drive applicants to your video contest. Ask applicants to create a dynamic short video answering six interview questions and describe why they would be the best candidate for the position. Post the top ten videos on your company Facebook Page, ask the public to pick the best candidates. The bigger the event the more resumes you receive. Be sure to offer an attractive prize and position to the winner.

CJ Eason is The Job Doctor. She is a recruiter, resume repair expert and director of community outreach for JobFairGiant.com, based in Southfield. Email jobdoctor@jobfairgiant.com.

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