Assertive Candidates Take There Career To The Next Level

Dear Job Doctor,

I have been seeking a new position for five years my experience is in healthcare administration. Currently, I am employed in retail management. I have interviewed for twenty jobs in my career field, but no one has offered me a job. What am I doing wrong?



Dear Mary,

Remember assertive candidates get hired, hundreds of people want the same position and most likely interviewed for any of the twenty jobs.  What you do after an interview determines if you win the jobs, adopt a self-managed lifestyle of your career wants, needs, and desires. The top three non-assertive behaviors that prevent job seekers from getting hired following an interview are low self-esteem, poor communication skills and inability to handle rejection. Every day I counsel job seekers that have a wait-and-see outlook regarding their job search, consider the following steps to help you be assertive in your job search.

Improve your self-esteem. It is easy to let unemployment lead your thoughts and feelings. Try volunteering at a church or community organization allow others to praise you for your skills, knowledge and experience to boost your self-esteem. Change your prophecy. At the heart of low self-esteem is the concept of the self-fulfilling prophecy. If you expect someone else will get hired, then that will happen; if you know you are employed, then that will happen. If you tell yourself, “I can’t get hired,”  “No one will hire me,” you send messages to others and yourself that you will not get hired. Revise your mental image of yourself and your career destiny.  Adopt certain rights: I have the right to get employed. I have the right to set my priorities. I have the right to earn a fair wage for employment.

Communicate you want the job. Leaving your career in the hands of recruiters is not going to get your hired. Assertive candidates practice using a subliminal phrase that begins with” I” to get employed.  Express your confidence in a telephone interview, face-to-face interview, cover letter and follow-up letter. Use any of these statements “I am the best candidate for the position,” “I can be a great asset to your company,” “I am excited about working with your company.”

Turn rejection into motivation. No one want to hear “sorry we hired someone else” don’t let the turndown from one employer ruin your motivation. Don’t focus on the job that you could have had – instead prepare yourself for the new position you are going to have.

Good Luck, Happy Job Hunting!

CJ Eason is The Job Doctor. She is a recruiter, resume repair expert and director of community outreach for JobFairGiant.com. Email jobdoctor@jobfairgiant.com.

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