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Age Proof Your Resume Older Workers.
Surprisingly everyday people 40 years and older have to battle job search age discrimination. If you are concerned about facing bias during the job search, don’t panic. Use these tips to age-proof your resume.

👍 Focus On Experience. Create a functional resume to highlight your work experience, instead of chronological resume that highlights dates of employment.

👍 Remove Unrelated Experience. Your resume shouldn’t be a list of everything you have done. If you are applying for a Marketing Representative position only include experience related to the position you are applying for.

👍 Keyword Optimize Your Resume. Use the job listing to write your resume incorporates phrases and keywords into your resume. This is the best way to imply a subliminal message to recruiters.

👍 Upgrade Computer Technology. Learning the latest technology is beyond Mircosoft Office, Powerpoint and Excel – search the internet for workshops or training that provide certification. Be sure to add all new certifications to your resume Education section.

👍 Remove The Objective and References. Absolutely you will provide references if you ask especially if you want to get hired. Your personal career objective not important; replace the Objective with a Career Summary. Do not include years of experience in the career summary.

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