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Email Your Resume. Get Results.

Employers receive hundreds of resumes daily from candidates seeking employment. Honestly, only 40 percent of resumes are correctly emailed; the rest look like ”spam.”

Make sure your resume is received by employers use these tips to get noticed.

1: Use a professional email address. Example: Desmond.Wells@email.com

2: Use a compelling subject line. Example: Response To Customer Service Representative Position

3: Address the hiring manager by name. Example: Greetings Linda Webber,

4: In the first paragraph, tell the hiring manager who you are and why you are contacting them.

5: Close the resume email body with confidence. Example: I am eager to learn more about the available position; are you available to meet Friday, January 10, 2020, at 10:00 am? I will contact you to confirm the meeting.

6: Add a professional signature with your contact details.

7: Attach your resume and a cover letter saved in PDF with professional file names.

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