Immediate Press Release: Michigan Is Hiring Despite Recession Claims

Heights, Michigan – People are watching the automotive strike, teetering stock
market with uncertainty about a coming recession. Michigan employers are resilient
to continue hiring in several Metro Detroit cities. JobFairGiant.com is the
largest monthly host of Metro Detroit Career Expo events the company launched at
the beginning of the unemployment crisis to help connect displaced workers with
hiring companies.

witnessed the worst unemployment stall in Michigan in 2008; a collapse of
several industries in Michigan was challenging to navigate; finding employment
for people comfortable with a full-time salary only to settle with gratitude
for part-time hourly positions. JobFairGiant.com has staffed employers that
downsized from an entire staff of one-hundred employees to maintaining eight
employees during the unemployment crisis later to help thousands of employers
hire and rebuild the Michigan job market to the current date. We know the signs
of a recession and October 2019; it is not happening metropolitan employers are
hiring in record numbers for full-time and part-time positions. The need for skilled
trades, customer service, sales, marketing, office, and general positions is a
growing need that employers are struggling to fulfill. A recession is not
looming in on the minds of hiring employers; instead, they are asking when they
can meet the next great candidate for their open positions. Potential
candidates have many options for employment; they often leave recruiters jilted
at the interview table confirming job interviews only to no-show and no-call recruiters;
this is the constant complaint of recruiters desperate to fill positions in the
Metro Detroit area. The only recession happening right now is a candidate ready
to work shortage,”  said CJ Eason, Community
Outreach Director for JobFairGiant.com.

will host the Metro Detroit Career Expo on Wednesday, October 30, 2019, from
9:00, am to 3:00 pm at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Sterling Heights. Potential
applicants seeking employment are encouraged to apply in person experienced
workers, college graduates, entry-level, veterans, anyone looking for a new
job. The Career Expo has 250 immediate positions available for people ready to
work. Information regarding the upcoming event is available on the company
website at JobFairGiant.com or by calling 734-956-4550.  

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