Immediate Press Release: Best 3 Ways to Find New Employees in Michigan

Detroit, Michigan – Qualified candidates, or entry-level
workers in any field, aren’t discovered and hired overnight. It takes effort,
and skills to bridge the gap in a social media visual world to reach new people
to hire.

We have a growing economy everyone appears to
be working. At some point you realize, all the recruiters congregate in the
same old recruiting spots as anyone just starting out: unsure how to navigate
the recruiting hurdles before them, looking to find one good candidate; that
has received hundreds of offers from fellow industry colleagues within the last

The search for the perfect candidates can be
easy in 2019 when recruiters use savvy recruiting techniques to promote their
job openings.

Here are three marketing strategies to help
hire new candidates.

1.       Using
Cold Outreach to Find a New Hire
. There are plenty of Facebook Groups for
experienced and entry-level workers to discover new jobs. These groups are a
good place to seek out candidates directly, as long as your post communicates
your job openings as a recruiter and you put yourself out there in the right
places. The biggest mistake most recruiters make in Facebook Groups are posting
content and not engaging with group members. Inboxing group members is a perfect
way to discuss your job openings. Recruiters post endlessly and think that is
the only thing they need to do to get noticed.  Create a basic script and include your hiring
flyer be sure to include a call-to-action statement and start inboxing group
members. Here is a sample elevator pitch.


I stumbled across your profile on [WHERE YOU
FOUND THEM] while I was searching for candidates interested in full-time
Production Supervisors employment. I am a recruiter with [XYT COMPANY] located

I’m looking to interview and hire new
employees immediately and would love to receive your resume if you are
interested in the position.

If you have some time this week—even if it’s
for 15 minutes for a phone call—I’d like to have a telephone interview with
you. I have attached a flyer for the position please share on your Facebook
Page. Email your resume to me [EMAIL ADDRESS].

Talk to you soon.

When recruiter network with candidates they
promote word-of-mouth marketing; potential candidates become your marketing

Join these Facebook Groups Today!

Michigan Jobs!

Jobs Macomb and
Oakland County

Metro Detroit Job

2. Participate In a Local Podcast. Everyone is listening and watching
information using a variety of resources. Surprisingly industry-specific local audio and video podcast/broadcast are the best way to connect with people with an
impulse to share what they have heard with their followers and friends. This creates buzz for your job openings.

Effective recruiters have to learn the cycle
of recruiting and giving back. Put yourself out there, you can provide advice
to all kinds of people with different employment experiences. Those who benefit
from receiving information also tend to be compelled to share information with
others. I’ve found this to be especially true within the Podcast community.
Next time you are a guest on a podcast share a few cover letter writing tips or
interview strategies. 

Helping others is a great way to get noticed.

Participate in the next You’re Hired! Jobs
Podcast visit the website to watch other recruiters at


3. Learn to Use Urgency to Generate New
a doubt, people move quickly when they hear a good opportunity is available.
Sure, your company recruits for the same positions every day and it’s getting
old to you but people like to hear something new is happening.

The fear of missing out can have a powerful
effect on candidates. Creating a sense of urgency in the community can help
make more people submit their resumes and fewer people “think about it”.

While your objective isn’t to get potential
applicants into a frenzy, you do want to encourage people to act immediately,
and that’s where promoting hiring incentives come in. You can introduce wage
incentives, hiring bonuses and the number of jobs available to create a hiring

Here are a few tips to help you promote your
jobs fast.

  • Creating
    a time restriction is one of the easiest and most effective ways of creating
    urgency. Appear as if the need to hire by a specific date is your goal.
  • Showcase
    your company at several hiring events and job fairs. Tell potential applicants
    your company will be available for onsite interviews at the next You’re Hired!
    Job Fair events sponsored by JobFairGiant.com on August 24th in Southfield,
    Michigan and August 28th in Sterling Heights, Michigan.
  • Include
    employment page countdown timers on your website. Instead of just showing the
    date that the job starts, include a countdown timer on your employment page,
    stating the number of jobs available and jobs filled.
  • Host
    a contest offering prizes for the “The Best Nurse Resume in Detroit” encourage
    people seeking employment to submit their resume to win a new job and prizes –
    such as scrubs, medical supplies or money.

Information regarding the upcoming job fairs
in Michigan is available on our company website at JobFairGiant.com or by
calling 734-956-4550.

Who are we: JobFairGiant.com the largest monthly job fairs host in Michigan
with 15 years of experience recruiting candidates for national employers and
statewide employers hiring for immediate positions.

Contributing Writer/Media Booking Contact: CJ Eason, Community Outreach Director with
JobFairGiant.com. Telephone: 734-956-4550 or email cj@jobfairgiant.com



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