Tips for Employers Hiring in Michigan

Michigan’s job market
continues to thrive with more job opportunities for experienced professionals,
military veterans, entry-level workers, and college grads. The unemployment
rate continues to fall below 4.7 percent as new jobs are created in an array of
career fields and traditional career fields such as engineering, sales,
healthcare, skilled trades, trucking, mechanical and technical are eager to hire
more candidates.

During the unemployment crisis
recruiting candidates for job openings was easy as placing a sign on the office
lawn and waiting for potential applicants to walk-in. Now, company recruiters
have to use savvy methods to entice currently employed candidates to job
openings.  Here are some trendy tips to
improve recruiting results.

Tip # 1: Host an after-work
mixer. Partner with a local coffee shop and host a mixer this an opportunity to
connect with working candidates, collect resumes and openly discuss your
company in a friendly environment.

Tip #2: Show them the money!
Offer new hires a signing bonus to join your company this a good way to attract
candidates. If your company is located in a rural area offer new hires a weekly
gas allowance, oil changes and tire rotation as a hiring incentive.

Tip #3: Stop playing phone tag:
Sifting through online resumes databases is not the only way to find your next
hires. Candidates ready to make a change in their career field attend local job
fair events with one clear goal in mind “find a job”. Recruiters should consider
going to job fairs to connect with enthusiastic candidates and conduct onsite
preliminary interviews – eliminate candidate phone tag altogether.

Tip #4: Combine training with hiring:
As the world continues to move forward so does career field options; careers in
tool design, mechanics, corporate sales and machine repair might not be on the
top of the list for people considering new employment. Instead of turning down
applicants without required experience consider hands-on paid training sponsored
by trade schools.

Tip #5: Become a recruiting
superstar. Many companies are using social media to grab the attention of new
customers – why not grab a few new employees using video marketing. No need to
hire a camera crew and expensive video production. Employers can spark
attention with a simple low budget video to generate shares and followers.
Create a cool video in the office conference room about job openings, include a
call for action and post on snapchat, Instagram, facebook anywhere people are

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